The Political Landscape – How Did We Get Here?

Hosted by Indivisible High Point

If you missed this great and informative event when RISE hosted it a while back in Winston Salem, here is another opportunity for you to catch it!
Ever wonder how North Carolina changed from a blue state to a red state? We will be learning what factors played in to this change in political climate.
Marilynn Baker has a PhD in Organizational Leadership, and extensive experience in competitive intelligence, strategic analysis, and strategy development. Her current passion is to help progressives and moderates unite to defeat repressive, conservative policies.
Marilynn is a former officer of the Forsyth County Democratic Party, and is retired from UNCG where she taught in the Bryan School of Business and Economics. She ran against Debra Conrad in 2016 in the extremely gerrymandered NC House 74 district. Through the process of being an officer and a candidate, Marilynn gained insight into the working and weaknesses of Democrats and what is needed to do to move NC forward.
Marilynn recently completed an extensive strategic analysis of NC voter trends from 2000 through 2017, and is now working with a PhD in social psychology to better understand voters’ decision-making processes, and how we can use that knowledge to stop and ultimately reverse NC trend toward extreme conservatism.
Join us on Sunday, September 10th at the High Point Public Library at 3pm to hear an in-depth presentation on their findings.