MPF Presents: How to Flip a Red Seat Blue


Join Moving Philly Forward at our next monthly meeting! We’re hosting a fascinating forum with Delaware County Council member, Brian Zidek, who recently won a crucial Democratic seat in Delaware County. Flipping this red seat blue was no small feat; he achieved this win in one of the toughest and most historically Republican districts in Pennsylvania. Before Zidek’s victory, there had not been a Democrat on the Delaware County Council in 140 years. Join us to learn how he did it. And then let’s repeat it!

WHEN: On WED. 1/17/18 at 7PM

WHERE: U-Bahn, 1320 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107

WHAT: Moving Philly Forward is excited to host a moderated conversation with newly elected Delaware County Councilman, Brian Zidek. He’ll help us address the most urgent mission for Democrats right now: how do we flip red seats blue, especially in challenging, Republican-controlled districts? Zidek brings his recent experience successfully turning a red seat blue in Delaware County and will impart actionable insights we can learn from and replicate.

DESCRIPTION: Citizens are more activated now than ever. Electing Democrats is our last and best defense against tyrannical and unjust policies that affect our lives, our neighborhoods, our schools, our families. It’s essential that we are pro-active and strategic as we endeavor to turn red seats blue across the state of PA. It’s up to us.

In our moderated forum, Brian Zidek will impart insights from his recent success in Delaware County where, prior to his victory, one of the country’s most powerful GOP machines ruled the county for more than a century.

What messages resonate with voters?
How can Democrats organize in historically Republican districts?
What can we start doing tomorrow to help get Democrats elected?


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