Sierra Club: ADEQ Public Hearing on Dirty Coal & Air Quality

On January 19th, the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (“ADEQ”) will hold a public hearing and receive comments on its draft plan to reduce haze/smog pollution in Arkansas.

Sierra Club believes this plan is entirely too weak, mainly because it does not require “scrubbers” on the two largest and dirtiest unscrubbed coal-burning power plants in Arkansas. Entergy’s White Bluff and Independence plants–1700 megawatts each–each lack modern pollution controls, and are the single largest sources of emissions that cause haze in our parks.

Even worse, ADEQ is attempting to block a much better plan written by the US Environmental Protection Agency, a plan which scrubs both of these dirty plants and improves air quality in Arkansas. ADEQ has sued to block the EPA plan–that’s right, our Department of Environmental Quality wants to block a plan that cleans up our air and our parks.

On 1/19, you have a chance to make a public comment on the ADEQ plan . Please join us! You’ll get 3 minutes to speak, and/or you can submit your comments in writing.

Also: If you’d rather make your comments via mail or via email, here’s how to send them in:

Tricia Treece, Office of Air Quality,
Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality,
5301 Northshore Drive,
North Little Rock, AR 72118.

Electronic comments should be sent to:

A link to the ADEQ plan is here:

If you’d like more information or talking points, please email