P-22 Day Festival

Hey fans! October 22 is now forever known as P-22 Day, by official declaration of the City of LA. That’s right, Los Angeles recognizes the importance of its resident cougars.

Mark your calendars and come celebrate my special day with our second annual festival in Griffith Park. It’s free and open to the public. You can pose with me (well, my likeness) in a photobooth, try out a virtual reality experience of a wildlife crossing and the LA River, meet Ranger Rick, learn from experts on how to coexist with wildlife, view an urban wildlife garden installation, join in with the California Conservation Corps for a Bioblitz Dance, go on a ranger led walk, take a workshop on how to set up a wildlife camera, listen to live music, enjoy delicious food, and discover many more exhibits and activities.

Don’t miss it!

PS: If you are a non-profit organization, government agency, educational institution, researcher or artist, free exhibit space is available to showcase your work on urban wildlife, fostering connections to the natural world, or promoting coexistence with our wild neighbors. Sponsorships for businesses are also available. Email Beth Pratt-Bergstrom at prattb@nwf.org for more information.

The P-22 Day Festival is part of Urban Wildlife Week, October 15-22, a series of events across the Santa Monica Mountains and the Los Angeles area including a 50-mile hike lead by National Wildlife Federation’s California Director, Beth Pratt-Bergstrom, and many partners. They will walk through the Santa Monica Mountains and Los Angeles-–taking a similar path to the one that P-22 may have followed.

Their journey, tracked virtually by millions worldwide, will illustrate how the promise of connectivity is integral not just for the future of mountain lions, but for all wildlife such as salamanders, birds and butterflies. A rally at the site of the proposed wildlife crossing in Agoura Hills will kick-off the walk.

More information at: http://urbanwildlifeweek.org/

P-22 Day & Urban Wildlife Week is a program of the National Wildlife Federation and #SaveLACougars