SoCalGas Blowout at Aliso Canyon: Two Year Anniversary

It’s been two years since the SoCalGas storage facility in Aliso Canyon / Los Angeles had the largest toxic gas blowout in U.S. history and there is still no justice for families in the San Fernando Valley.

The deteriorating facility still leaks daily, thousands are still sick and it’s been proven that it is not needed for energy reliability and has not been used for such in 2 years! SoCalGas and CA State regulators still won’t tell us what caused the blowout!

Join us to call on Governor Brown to shut down the Aliso Canyon facility in his last year in office by issuing an Executive Order! We will rally and deliver petitions and letters calling on Governor Brown to use his executive authority.



The latest words from Gov. Brown’s administration is to shut Aliso down in 10 years – that’s way too late!