The Trial of the Century!

Imagine: The year is 2025, and a climate crisis is in full swing. Thousand year weather events now occur every few years, and most Americans and people of the world no longer have access to clean air, soil, and water. YOU will be the jury, as we put fracked gas companies, FOX News, and former President Donald Trump on trial for their crimes against humanity and the planet.

What: A mock trial bringing climate deniers and polluters to court for their environmental crimes against humanity.

Who: The members of the NoHo No Way Affinity Group will present our mock trial, and YOU will be the jury!

When: First performance at 9:30 AM with 3 more reprising performances every half hour, with the last show starting at 11 AM.

Where: In front of First Churches, 129 Main St. in Northampton

This free and family-friendly event is sponsored by NoHo No Way, an Affinity Group of the Sugar Shack Alliance of Massachusetts. The Sugar Shack Alliance is a non-violent action coalition that uses nonviolent direct action and civil disobedience to demand environmental and climate justice. For more information about our group, go to or find us on Facebook to learn about our current anti-pipeline campaign in Otis State Forest.

For more info on this event, please contact David Arbeitman at