Help Camp Turtle Island with Wild Rice Season

We are proud to announce that after months of dedication and hard work our community has built the camp to the point of being completely self-sustainable.

With all of our basic needs covered (Water, Food, Shelter, Power, Prayer, and Wifi �) we are now comfortable in inviting anyone and everyone out to camp.

Camp Turtle Island is all about self-empowerment, we live solely to build up and support any and ALL indigenous people along with our current and future Water Protectors.

When you arrive at camp you’ll find that the weather is quite nice sitting next to our beautiful wild rice lake and ironwood grove. We have spaces cleared for visitors to set up tents. For those of you looking to stay with us through the winter, we will teach you how to harvest ironwood poles with respect and have you build your own personal wigwam :)

Wild rice season begins September 1st for us, the camp will be focused on gathering natural foods and medicines before winter comes so that we can feed the local community, the camp and other water protector camps around the US and Canada.

We stand to protect the Water, Land, and People from the greed and malice of Corporations who seek to continue to destroy the Earth for their own petty gains.

Come on down and join the conversation. We are and still have been #StillStanding