Building Community Resilience: Holistic Activism – Brattleboro

In this interactive workshop, we will invite you to explore with us various empowerment tools in the realm of:

* Holistic Activism
* Community Building + Organizational Strategies
* Structure/Formation of Freedom Cells
* Creating HUMAN ~ Holistic Uprising: Massachusetts Action Network
* Transitional, Community Empowerment Tactics
* Alternative Solutions: Agorism/Counter-Economics

Who we are: Tony and Bri are both heart-centered activists focused on environmental and social justice and artistic activism. Tony Geren is an inspirational musician + freelance journalist from Grand Rapids, MI where he co-created GRASS, Grand Rapids Autonomous Support System. He is the founder of The Unified City Project. Bri Elizabeth is based in Western MA and is a studying herbalist, mother, holistic health counselor + vocalist and an active member of Sugar Shack Alliance working to resist new fossil fuel infrastructure.
We share a vision of peaceful, resilient culture as an alternative to an oppressive, imbalanced system.

~ Supported by the Unified City Project and The Freedom Cell Network ~

{we will pass the hat to cover rental space although there is absolutely no obligation to donate}

Peace and Love ~