MLK Canvassing for Energy Efficiency & Climate Resilience

We invite you to participate in this volunteer event in collaboration with the ECO District Hampton Roads Project and Center for Sustainable Communities. STREET Teams for Energy Efficiency and Climate Resilience is an MLK Day Service Project held annually to bring awareness to lower income, minority and vulnerable populations about energy efficiency and climate resiliency.

Low-income Virginians face high energy burdens, meaning that an outsized portion of their income goes towards home energy bills, including electricity, natural gas, and other heating fuels. While investments in energy efficiency will benefit utilities and communities throughout Virginia, low-income and rural residents will see particular benefits since the tend to live in less energy-efficient housing. Research suggests that for both single and multifamily low-income households, energy efficiency can eliminate up to 35% of their excess energy burden.

This years event will be held as part of the ECO District Hampton Roads project. The ECO District Hampton Roads project is an initiative to revitalize communities in Southeastern Va using the ECO District Protocol that focuses on Equity, Resilience and Climate Action. See for more details.

This event will be on January 13th, 2018. We’ll canvass neighborhoods in the ECO District and distribute materials to raise awareness on energy efficiency and climate resiliency.