3rd Women’s Popular Assembly-Convened by Af3irm L.A.

AF3IRM Los Angeles is convening the 3rd Women’s Popular Assembly in Los Angeles on Thursday, August 17th from 6:30pm-9pm in order to continue to put front and center the experiences and voices of transnational, women of color. This gathering will serve as a space to discuss and analyze the attacks on women and our communities. Please join us again as we continue to collectively strategize ways to fight back and win genuine liberation for all womankind, which go beyond City Hall, beyond Sacramento, beyond who is sitting in the White House.

We, the women, will not stand by as fascists take formal control of this country. We will not stand by as they terrorize and bring fear to our local communities. Join Af3irm as we collectively discuss how to continue to protect and liberate us women, our communities and our people.

UCLA Labor Center
675 S. Park View St. Los Angeles, CA 90057

The Asamblea Popular (popular assembly) has been used by communities all over Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and across the globe as a way to convene large and diverse groups, to create a better understanding of the current moment, and most importantly, to think collectively and strategically to produce powerful actions that help advance safety in our local communities.

In the wake of the new fascist administration, the massive women’s mobilizations, and the continued acts of public resistance, AF3IRM is calling for an ESCALATION TO ALL WOMEN’S RESISTANCE – JOIN THE FEMINIST UPRISING!

Please email any questions to the chapter at losangeles@af3irm.org