A Call to Prayer, Witness & Nonviolent Resistance Training

6pm – 7pm Vigil & Public Witness – Steps of St. Agnes Church
7pm – 9pm Nonviolent Resistance Training – St. Agnes Church

On the 4th Thursday of each month the community of the Ignatian Spiritual Life Center hosts an evening peace vigil, a continuation of our 24 hour vigil last November.

Through the events in Charlottesville the world witnessed the realities of racism, bigotry and white supremacy. As we process the unspeakable violence and as we see, yet again, the ugliness of the sin of racism, we will gather on the steps of St. Agnes for our silent peace vigil this week to pray for peace and to stand witness to God’s love.

We ask God for wisdom, for courage, for vision to transform our hearts and to continue to build the beloved community.

Are you thinking of coming out to Chrissy Field Saturday? We cannot recommend highly enough that you join this training – knowledge, coordination and safety are key.
Are you just wanting to come and learn how to do Non-Violent Resistance? Join us!

What to bring/expect for the vigil: We will gather on the steps of St. Agnes Church, feel free to come for the whole time or part of the time. Bring a sign with a message of love or make a sign when you arrive (We will have some art supplies available, but we’d love for you to bring some too!).

NOTE: Please RSVP to receive most up to date information.