Bystander Intervention Training

CAIR-SFBA and the MCC East Bay Present:

Bystander Intervention Training
Friday, August 18 at 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Muslim Community Center of the East Bay

Many Muslims and allies have been asking about the role bystanders can play in protecting targets of hate crimes since the election. The recent tragedy in Portland, where two heroes were killed while protecting two women who were being attacked, has really brought that question to the forefront again.

Join us for this bystander intervenion training by Kit Bonson at the Montgomery County (Md) Civil Rights Coalition. Register at

If you cannot join us for the Aug. 18 training, we have a second training on Sunday, Aug. 20:

Please also join us Saturday, August 26 for a Women’s Self-Defense Training at MCC and on Saturday, Sept. 9 for a Men’s Self-Defense Training at MCC:

About Kit Bonson.
Kit has been an activist and organizer for over 35 years, primarily for reproductive rights and for peace and justice issues. In 2010, she was one of the co-founders of the Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition (MCCRC), in response to FBI raids on Midwest activists. In the past six years, MCCRC has been fighting against “security theater” in the DC Metro system, false claims of “creeping Sharia,” indefinite detention of U.S. citizens, and attempts to block the right to free assembly, among other civil liberties concerns.