Discuss Charlottesville, Racism & How to Unify our Communities

This event is being hosted by Peace Builders of Orange County.


9:45AM-10:15AM. Social time/Introductions

10:16AM-10:40AM. Discuss our concerns and how racism effects people of color and divides us.

10:41AM-11:05AM. Determine what tools we need to build and organize in our communities so to bring people peacefully together.

11:06AM-11:30AM. Create a plan of action.

11:31AM-Noon. Come together as a group to compare the tools we will use and what plans we have devised.


1. Late comers are welcome.

2. Bring a chair or something to sit on and something to drink for yourself, as the host will provide light snacks.


The park is situated between South B and South C Streets. We will be situated at the picnic table’s near the jungle gym on South C Street. Feel free to call/text me when you arrive. My cell phone number is: 949-307-6814.