From Charlottesville to Laguna Beach: We Stand Together

From Charlottesville to Laguna Beach: We Stand, Together!

Heeding the call from the Movement for Black Lives for a national day of action and solidarity with Charlottesville on Saturday and in response to the encroachment of racists and white supremacists on Sunday into beautiful Laguna Beach as the bastion for diversity, liberty and equality, we’re holding a Unity Rally with Laguna Beach Mayor Toni Iseman on Saturday between 10:00 am -12:00 pm.

Our message is loud and clear: “Hate is Not Welcome Here!”

As our black sisters and brothers keep reminding us, we must act not react. Racism is a systemic problem in our country. While some are tearing down the hateful symbols of racism, we will come together at the Unity Rally and afterwards to find ways to push our community and its institutions to reject white supremacy.

With our fellow organizers around the country, we’re thinking beyond the moment and understand that this racism has to be addressed on so many levels and in so many ways. Therefore, we’ll be announcing a series of actions to stop racism from rearing its ugly face in our backyard whether it’s in Huntington Beach or Laguna Beach this weekend, or at any other time and in any other place in our County. As we’re constantly reminded to act and not react, we’re also reminded not to serve the racists’ purpose and provide them with a platform to spread their hatred. We stand for our values of equality and push for the world we want to live in.

As responsible organizers, we are acutely attuned to and support our fellow activists’ and protesters’ desire to act and stand against hate and bigotry. We’re also guided by the paramount concern for their safety.

As planning progresses, we will have more updates, so stay tuned.

PARKING TIP: We suggest that people avoid parking downtown and park in the act five parking lot in the canyon if coming from that direction. Or, try and park outside of downtown and take the trolley.