Make America Impeach Again

Since June 15th, 2017, a group has been gathering outside Congressman Brad Sherman’s office EVERY Thursday in Sherman Oaks/Van Nuys. We are supporting and rallying behind his filed articles of impeachment for donald trump, and demanding other members of Congress join the impeachment effort. We are protesting against the hate, bigotry, corruption, dangerous policies, and constant lies of this president and administration.

The steady drumbeat of weekly rallies shows the community and our representatives that we will NOT sit down and be quiet when the president is taking away our rights and stomping on the values that make America already great. We want healthcare for all, equality for all, no mass deportations, no wall, no Muslim ban, increased minimum wage, gun control, reproductive rights for women, no anti-LGBTQ policies, no police brutality against blacks, good public education for all, no restricting of free press, no voter suppression, MORE environmental protections, no mass incarceration, and NO supporting of nazis or KKK. To achieve this, we need NO MORE TRUMP, so we can make America great again.

Please join us and share with your friends! We meet in the courtyard in front of Brad Sherman’s office at 5000 Van Nuys blvd. just before 5:30pm, and as soon as a crowd is gathered, we move to the corner of Van Nuys and Addison for more visibility. This is a completely peaceful protest, and media is always welcome.