Queer Fury: Solidarity @DACA Rally

Join in solidarity with Bay Resistance: https://www.facebook.com/events/515099012168716/?ti=icl

If it’s one of us, it’s all of us. Join us in support of our dreamers. We’ll be there tomorrow. Will you? #ActUp #FightBack #AlwaysAntifascist

If it’s one of us, it’s all of us.

If they keep us distracted, divided, & grasping at straws by targeting one marginalized group at a time, they win.

Out-organize, out-strategize, and humanize.

Silence = Death
Action = Life

We need a broad coalition that doesn’t just play lip service to valuing diversity, but, rather, truly values diversity in tactics and representation.

#ActUp #FightBack #AlwaysAntifascist #DefendDACA
Bring signs, where shirts if you have them, & join us as we continue to grow and resist this administration, its symptoms and its “causes.”