Racism, Xenophobia & Immigration: A Marxist Critique

Lilia D. Monzo
René Christian Moya

As the effects of the global capitalist crisis persist, racist and xenophobic ideologies have been newly thrust into the spotlight. Although immigration from Mexico has nearly evaporated since the start of the Great Recession, it became a centerpiece of Trump’s presidential campaign. Plans for a Wall on the southern border continue to be proposed. Perhaps most startling of all, immigration officers feel emboldened to step up deportations of children, women, and men at a moment when explicitly racist political positions, once deemed fringe, are now openly discussed and reported on.

At this meeting, we confront the new challenges these developments bring with an eye to understanding and engaging the logic of social movements, especially those around immigration, labor, and people of color.


A medida que persisten los efectos de la crisis capitalista global, las ideologías racistas y xenófobas han sido objeto de atención. Aunque la inmigración de México casi se ha evaporado desde el comienzo de la Gran Recesión, se convirtió en una pieza central de la campaña presidencial de Trump. Se siguen proponiendo planes para construir un muro en la frontera sur. Tal vez lo más sorprendente de todo es que los oficiales de inmigración se sienten envalentonados para intensificar las deportaciones de niños, mujeres y hombres en un momento en el que las posiciones políticas explícitamente racistas, una vez consideradas marginales, son abiertamente discutidas y reportadas.

En esta reunión nos enfrentamos a los nuevos desafíos que estos desarrollos traen con el objetivo de entender y comprometer la lógica de los movimientos sociales, especialmente los de inmigración, trabajo y gente de color.


Lilia D. Monzo teaches at Chapman University, where she uses Marxist-Humanist and decolonial approaches to confront capitalism and imperialism, racism, and the hyper-exploitation of women of color, while envisioning a socialist alternative. She has published in such journals as POSTCOLONIAL DIRECTIONS IN EDUCATION and TRUTHOUT.

René Christian Moya is a Los Angeles-based socialist and activist working with the Los Angeles Tenants Union. He has previously done work with the Democratic Socialists of America and worked for a homelessness charity on Skid Row. He is presently working on a new media platform for left-wing politics, slated for launch this autumn.

Sponsored by the West Coast Chapter, International Marxist-Humanist Organization
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