Restorative Practices 301

This training focuses on intervention. This includes building skills inthe areas of pre-conferences, referral processes and formal conferences.

This workshop is geared toward those who have attended RJ1 and RJ2 workshops, and who are looking for more RJ practice and actual RJ opportunities.

This session will provide the participants with the skills, knowledge, and ability to practice restorative justice approaches. Participants will learn how to apply restorative justice to their specific school program. With Restorative Justice 3, participants will be actively engaged in the restorative process and should be able to demonstrate RJ skills

During this workshop, participants will learn about and practice:

Steps for initiating an RJ program at your school
Consulting available for starting an RJ program at your school
Post-RJ questionnaire and two-week follow-up process
Data tracking of RJ at your school
Mentoring new RJ facilitators and volunteers
Addressing defiance in the RJ circle
School-specific role plays

“By carrying out a restorative justice conference, we are able to point out to the youths how their behavior would impact on their future.” – Ron Cameron