Equality Rally For Unity & Pride, Fort Lauderdale

In solidarity with the national “Equality March For Unity & Pride,” in Washington, DC, ​​those who ​celebrate​ diversity, and ​respect ​the rights of all individuals ​are​ invited to gather, join hands, raise ​​their ​
voices ​and ​proclaim our ​indivisibility.

We are rallying for UNITY, DIVERSITY, and PRIDE.
All causes and intersecting causes welcomed:

Black rights
Disabled/ Other-abled equality
Faith and Spiritual
HIV & AIDS equality
Immigration rights
LGBTQ rights
Muslim rights
Teachers’ Union
Transgender rights
Women’s rights
and other causes

While it is difficult to avoid being political these days, this will be a non-partisan event. We are focusing on the themes of “unity” , “diversity”, and “pride”.

Please stay tuned for updates and more information.
Message us for any questions.