St. Pete Handmaids’ Protest ~ Women’s Rights are Human Rights

Register here to participate and for free use of costume:

Join with UltraViolet and the League of Women Voters St. Petersburg’s Reproductive Rights Action Group in this visibility event to call out sexism and anti-women policies. If we don’t act, we might soon be starring in our own real-life version of “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

This August is a key moment for women to resist – to rise up and boldly demonstrate that a society where women are treated as anything but equals will not be tolerated.

PLEASE NOTE: Ultraviolet is lending us outfits — you do not need to purchase or rent robes or bonnets as long as you register!!

St. Petersburg handmaids will walk in silent procession around downtown blocks; this is in tandem with the weekly Wednesday noon protests held by FACT at the Judicial Building.