Aurora Pride Parade 2018

What: Aurora’s inaugural Pride Parade
Where: Downtown Aurora
When: Sunday, June 17 th , 2018, 1PM
Why: Because it’s time! Aurora is Illinois’s second largest city, and we want to show our support for
our LGBTQI family, friends and allies across the western suburbs, and beyond.
Who: Indivisible Aurora and you!
How: With your help! You can help make Aurora Pride a reality.
How you can help:
We’d love to have your organization march with us. Show your colors, carry your banners and signs,
and show the world we stand together.
Your contribution, of any amount, will help us cover expenses associated with permits, insurance, city
services, etc.
Do you have ideas, suggestions, things you’d love to see, or other contributions? Let us know, we’d
love to work with you!
Even if marching isn’t for you, come stand with us and show your support!
Spread the word!
Tell everyone you know! We’re preparing promotional materials to help with this, if you’re interested.
Please direct all inquiries to:
Gwyn Ciesla
Indivisible Aurora