Vigil Against Hate

The recent events that have happened in Charlottesville have tipped our world upside down. How can this be America? Please join us in Freeport, Sunday evening to stand up against the hate. It will not be tolerated in our community.
Please join us as we gather in response to the horrific news and images of Nazis and white supremacists marching in Virginia, causing death, terror and injury in their wake. We, residents of Freeport, will join together across communities and say NO to racism, NO to antisemitism, NO to Nazism, NO to white supremacists, and NO to hatred.

David Duke (former head of the KKK) said of the violence in Virginia ‚Äútoday is a turning point in taking our country back” – he was half right. Today marks a day when Americans of all kinds will take a stand against Nazis, hatred and bigotry of all forms!