Women Enlightening Men

Summer of Sisterhood is proud to host “Women Enlightening Men.” The purpose of the event is to share stories with men about negative incidents that happen on a daily, weekly, or regular basis. These are incidents that we normally keep to ourselves because they are so common in society that we don’t usually think to mention it after the fact. These include catcalling, gender-bashing jokes, unknown men getting angry in a social setting when you don’t want to engage with them, incidents in the work place, and much more. All too often, the men in our lives do not realize this is happening at all or so frequently, because we tend not to talk about them. So at this event, we will enlighten the men about what is really happening.

Location: Friends University, Riney Building, Rm C6

Current Panelists:
• Laura Lombard, Moderator
• Frances Jackson
• Jessica Nicolet
• Lindsay Drees
• Briley Meek

*Speakers Subject to Change

Program Format:
6:00-7:00: Panel Presentations
7:00-7:30: Discussion with Audience
7:30-8:00: Coffee & Cookie Networking