Door to Door to Take Down the Statue

Saturday, August 19
Willow Park on Cherokee Parkway
2:00-3pm How Do We Talk with White People about Racial Justice? A Door to Door Training focused on Taking Down the Confederate Statue
3-5pm Go Door to Door with a partner in Cherokee Triangle
5-5:30pm March from Willow Park to Castleman Statue. Take It Down gathering with Art.
Througout the time we will hand out information and make art about a world without racism and without racist symbols like the statue. Artists (and nonartists) bring your paint and your markers and your creativity!

Childcare available. Reply here to let us know your needs and we will get you more details.

Following the horrible violence in Charlottesville from white supremacist, nationalist, KKK, and Nazi mobs, we are joining a national call by the Black led Beyond the Movment Coalition calling on white people to take action. We join others who are calling for the removal of public monuments in honor of active supporters of the Confederacy. The mayor of Lexington, Kentucky, is taking action to remove two Confederate-era monuments from his city’s former courthouse after the deadly clashes in Virginia. In Louisville, the confederate statue was removed at UL. We ask our mayor to take down the John B. Castleman confederate monument.

Symbols of oppression have been debated for a long time. These symbols of slavery and racism must come down. Dialogue must be based on justice.

Sign this petition to the Mayor:

Read this Guest Commentary by Keith Stone in LEO:
Tear down those statues — Louisville’s and Charlottesville’s monumental problems