Sisterhood of the Staffs: A Gathering of Feminine Leadership

We are leaders stepping forward in a new way.
We are calling in the circle.
We are calling in community, cooperation, true democracy, and equality.
We are moving out of the time of the pyramid structure.
We are moving into the time of the circle.
WE are stepping out of the patriarchy- the model of power over and dominance.
We are stepping into the time of equality, and power together.

Feminine leadership means that we are changing the paradigm of power. It means that we recognize the importance of standing side to side instead of above and below one another.

We are women that are committed to be at the front lines of the change that is upon us.
We are women that are holding vision, fire, and passion to be present to usher in a new way.
WE are women who are surrendering to the unfolding that is happening before us, and saying “yes!” to showing up.
We are women who know that we are here to fulfill a mission, and we claim our lives of purpose.

In this space of self realization there is also a knowing of how we need to support one another, care for one another, and uplift one another.

Sisterhood of the Staffs is an organically growing community of women that gather annually to be in ceremony together, to council together, and to seek wisdom from elders that come to share what feminine leadership means to them and how we can best navigate these times in a good way.

WE gather around the sacred fire, that is held by Mayan Grandmother, Nana Wilma, who visits from Guatemala to be with us in circle every year- to share the teachings from her people, and their knowledge about the times we are in.

Together, we delve into the symbolism of the staff, what it means to be a staff holder, what it means to be in our feminine nature and hold power in a feminine way.
We explore together the times we are in, and how we can serve the communities around us.
We are figuring it out…side by side…heart to heart…at the feet of the Grandmothers- of how we can bring forward the essence of the feminine, back into the system where it has been oppressed for so long.

We are standing at the gates, ready, and many of us waiting.
We know the time has come, we know the shift is upon us, we know that we are the solution.

So we gather, we pray, we ask for guidance, and we embrace one another as sisters on a path of purpose and change.

If front lines call you, if you are an edge walker and know you are here to do big work in this world, and know it comes through each of us, this is the call out to you to come home to a community of women who are standing right beside you.

We will gather at 10:30 am at Earthlands for circle, council of the Grandmothers, sharing circle, and complete with a Mayan Fire Ceremony to unleash feminine leadership within us.

You are welcome to bring a staff with you to be initiated.
WE are working with staffs that in the Mayan tradition would be considered a community staff- these are staffs that are typically as tall as you are, and strong and sturdy (like a walking stick)
If you do not currently have a staff, you are encouraged to find one. (Please contact me for some guidance that was given about how we find our staffs from Grandmothers during past gatherings.)

Please bring:
offerings for the fire (see below for some suggestions)
food to share
blanket to sit on outside (folding chair if you need it)
your staff
a gift for the Grandmothers

Fire Ceremony:
We will be holding a traditional Mayan Fire Ceremony at the end of our gathering.
Nana Wilma travels here from Guatemala to share her culture and wisdom. She is a fire keeper, and shares with us in beauty and power.
In her tradition, we gather to feed the fire together, to feed the ancestors, and bring them an abundance of gifts of gratitude.
Some offering suggestions:
honey, chocolate, wine, dried herbs (flowers and aramotics preferable), fresh flowers, candles, corn meal, tobacco, cedar, sage, resins

We are welcoming guidance from the Grandmothers this year.
If you are an elder, and would like to come to our gathering, we would love to make a seat of honor for you to be there. Please contact me, we would love to have you!
Currently, we will be in council with:
Avo Lucia Camara
Nana Wilma
Sue Donegan
Laney Goodman

We are asking for $20-$50 donation to come to this gathering with as an offering.
This pays for the space, for transportation, and expenses that incur from Nana’s visit to New England.
Please know that money is not required to come to this gathering.

Registration will be up in the next couple days.
Please contact me with any questions at:

This gathering is following directly after Into the Roots Gathering with ALisa Starkweather.
Please know that these gatherings, though related, are separate.
Please contact ALisa about Into the Roots, and register through her site, and please contact me about Sisterhood of the Staffs..They are separate events.

Sisterhood of the Staffs is an exploration into feminine leadership. We welcome the 2 Spirit, and trans community. If you identify with the feminine, you are welcome here.

Earthlands has requested that dogs be left at home.

Vermont and other states:
There is a Sisterhood of the Staffs Vermont circle, which will be held the following weekend (event page coming soon)
If this is a gathering you would like to see in your community, contact me!