Stand Up & Speak Up Against Hate

Stand Up and Speak Up for a Holyoke Resolution Against Hate. Join western MA constituents in Holyoke to show support for an anti-hate resolution introduced by ward 4 City Councilor Jossie Valentin. Holyoke residents are invited to speak in support of this anti-hate resolution. Residents must register by 6:45 pm to speak during the meeting. All MA residents are welcome to attend the meeting in a show of solidarity and support. Signs are not permitted inside of City Hall, however you are welcome to bring them along and arrive a little early to show peaceful support outside of City Hall prior to attending the meeting. This is a great way for us to come together as a community in order to take a stand against hate.
On December 6, 2016 an anti-hate resolution was introduced but not adopted due to no votes by councilors Lopez, Bartley, Leahy, Sullivan, Bresnahan, Greaney, Vacon and Jourdain who voted instead to send the resolution to committee for further consideration. Councilors, Valentin, McGiverin, Lebron-Martinez, Tallman, McGee, Roman and Lisi voted against sending the order to committee, indicating that the order should have been adopted that night. In April the resolution was revisited but failed to move forward due to more opposition from councilors Sullivan & Bartley.
To quote councilor Valentin “Here we are, now August 2017, and my order is still in committee. We would need 10 votes to get it out of committee at this time. Isn’t it time to finally take a vote on this anti-hate resolution order that I introduced to the Council 8 months ago? One of the comments made back in December by one of my colleagues (Sullivan) was: “All this talk makes it seem like there’s some big divide in this town. I don’t think there is….I haven’t seen Ku Klux Klan rallies in Holyoke, I haven’t seen any neo-Nazi rallies in Holyoke, I haven’t seen any skinhead rallies”.
Well, Massachusetts, now we all have a fresh memory of just such a rally. We stood up in Boston and said no with vigor. Let’s stand up against hate in all of our communities. Show up to support Holyoke residents and the City Councilors working to pass this resolution.