Vigil- Say NO to White Supremacy

“There is no ‘both sides’ when it comes to racist hate and violence.

The president’s failure to genuinely condemn white supremacy and vociferous attack on counter protesters– who stood against hate at risk of safety and life– is completely unacceptable. His words and actions deny the humanity of people of color, who are increasingly under siege as the presidential administration gives quarter to hate.

Quakers believe in the inherent worth and dignity of all people. Racism is fundamentally opposed to this, so we are called to stand against it in all forms. The American Friends Service Committee will continue to oppose the administration’s racist policies and actions, standing together to defend those who need it from racist violence in the streets and in our laws. ”

All are welcome to join us for a vigil at our meetinghouse- 225 Watching Ave, Plainfield, NJ 07060. We’re across from the train station and we have a parking lot.