Apartment Sessions — Trump Tower


This Sunday, 9/17 at 3pm, the Apartment Sessions Family will congregate at trump tower to make a quick video, gather peacefully, and share with each other some love and some hope. We’d love for you to join us, and bring a friend.

This will not be a normal session or video, it will be completely open to the public, there will be no rehearsal, more of a sing-a-long vibe. You are welcome to bring instruments, but there will be no charts, only lyrics. We will gather at 3pm sharp, and be done
recording hopefully by 3:15.

The song is Bob Dylan’s “The Times, They Are A Changin'”.

We encourage you to make and bring signs advocating for peace, love, hope, and resistance, to be featured in the video. We will not be chanting or marching or speaking or protesting, we will simply sing a quick song, make a quick video, and then probably hug a lot. If it turns into a longer peaceful demonstration, that’s wonderful.

The NYPD has advised us on where we can do this legally, not directly in front of the tower, but on a connecting block adjacent to the building. Exact location will be posted on this event.

A quick rehearsal video of the song will be posted early this week so you can prepare.

Create, Love and #resist.


Apartment Sessions