LGBT Pioneers Series #4 – Let Freedom Ring

DON”T MISS this weekly series, where Rochester LGBT Pioneers Tell Their Story

Meet them in person, and hear about the beginning of the Gay Rights Movement in Rochester, NY from those who were there, and made history. People like Patti Evans, Bob Crystal, Larry Fine, Karen Hagberg, Bruce Jewel, Whitey LeBlanc, Michael Robertson.

Hear compelling “first hand account” stories from those where were there. You’ll have an insiders view of what happened at the beginnings of the Gay Liberation Front at the University of Rochester. You will be free to ask questions and explore more deeply than what you’d find on the written page, gaining an understanding of how it can be applied to our current circumstances.

This series will feature the key players that formed this movement at the U of R, moved to Brown Street, published the Empty Closet, founded the Gay Revolution of Women – Lesbian Resource Center, and finally transformed into the Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley as we know it today.

Wednesday evening series
5:30 – 7pm
at the GAGV’s LGBTQ Resource Center 100 College Avenue

9/6 Where Did It All Begin? Stonewall
9/13 1970 Twitter Twitter Twitter – the Empty Closet
9/20 Paul Revere’s Ride – Speakers Bureau
9/27 Let Freedom Ring Green Thursday/Lesbian Nation
10/4 Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow – the Gay Alliance Begins