Theater and Creativity in the Underground

In societies and cultures as diverse as Russia, Tunisia and Belarus, theatre that represents a challenge to the status quo and places political activism at its core is at risk. Unlike large government-supported theaters, the Belarus Free Theater is not allowed to sell tickets in Minsk and must stage their productions in a garage, with audience members escorted to the right location. Teatr.doc in Moscow faces continuous police harassment, while Tunisian playwright Meriam Bousselmi’s troupe has been chased from their rehearsal space by a group of Salafists. Her plays can no longer be staged in Tunisia.

The more repressive the crackdown, the more necessary their work becomes. Join three courageous and award-winning practitioners working on the sharp edge of politically engaged theater as they explore the common themes and challenges in their work – including the ever present threat of censorship and political repression. With Varvara Faer, co-founder of Moscow’s Teatr.doc, Natalia Kaliada, founding co-artistic director and CEO of Belarus Free Theatre, and Tunisian playwright Meriam Bousselmi. Moderated by Jessica Litwak of Theatre Without Borders.

Presented in association with Artists at Risk Connection (ARC)