Take a Knee: Don’t Stand For Racial Injustice!

Hosted by Indivisible High Point:

Take a Knee: Don’t Stand For Racial Injustice!
Many are getting sidetracked by the President’s misunderstanding of Colin Kaepernick’s protest. Let’s take a knee in solidarity to remind people that the protest is against systemic racism, not the country or the flag. Only by loving our country enough to want it to be better can we effect that change!
NW corner of Lexington and Main St. in High Point. Please don’t park in the vacant lot. Park on a side street. If you are unable to walk very far, pull up and someone will park your car for you.
Knee cushions will be provided if you forget to bring your own.
We’ll have some extra signs or come early and make your own if you don’t have one and join us to send a clear message that we will not stand for racial injustice!