CBUS Screening of “Birthright” (Q&A w/film director + Ohio RCRC)

Join Ohio RCRC for the Columbus screening of “Birthright: A War Story,” a powerful documentary that explores how women have become collateral damage in the aggressive campaign to take control of reproductive health care.

**After the screening, our very own Elaina Ramsey will participate in a Q&A discussion with the film director Civia Tamarkin (via Skype).**

View the trailer & buy your tickets for the Sept. 4th screening & discussion: http://gatewayfilmcenter.org/birthright-war-story/

This event is part of Columbus Documentary Week, a 7-day festival that brings some of the world’s best documentaries to Central Ohio. Screenings of the film are also available on September 6th (5pm) and September 7th (3pm).