Emergency Action! Calling in to save Toledo’s Last Clinic

As some of you may be aware, Toledo’s last abortion clinic, Capital Care Network, has faced an onslaught of barely constitutional TRAP laws (Targeted Restrictions of Abortion Providers) in recent years that has already forced one of their clinics to close down in 2013. For over two years, we’ve fought in and out of several courts to keep Capital Care open, Toledo’s last safe place to obtain abortion care. Now, we expect a ruling from the State Supreme Court as early as September 12th, which would leave Capital Care unable to remain open without it’s latest hoop to jump: a transfer agreement from ProMedica hospital system in Northwest Ohio.

Please join us at Prosperity Social Club on the back patio for some *free* appetizers and nonalcoholic drinks (alcohol is able to be purchased separately and happy hour is until 7!). We will call pro-choice Toledoans and ProMedica itself to leave messages for their CEO urging him to do the right thing for Ohioans and sign the transfer agreement. It costs them nothing to do so, but the lives of many Northwest Ohioans may hang in the balance. It’s time to step up the fight.