How to Fight the Alt-Right!

Join us this Thursday at 6 PM in conference room 1 at Columbus Metro Library Driving park!

How to fight the alt-right? The urgency of confronting the new surge in fascist, racist, and other ideologies of hate has become obvious with this weekend’s terroristic attack. But besides simply showing up to rallies and protests, how do we fight the alt-right more effectively, with more persistence, and over a long period. How do we undercut their movement, while also building our own? These questions and more will be discussed this weekend and hosted by Socialist Alternative.

Socialist Alternative is the organization that spearheaded the victory for $15 in Seattle and most recently Minneapolis, has won affordable housing measures, sparked the resistance against Trump, has lead a leading role in nearly every issue facing working people across the world, with decades of experiences fighting all forms of hatred from apartheid in South Africa, walls in israel, and white supremacy here in the United States.