Protect Black Families – Columbus City Council Meeting

Join us at Columbus City Hall to hear council and the Columbus Police Department respond to demands delivered and questions about Columbus Police killings: Trae Darson (20)- 2006; Deaunte Bell (25)- 2015; Henry Green (23)-2016; Kawme Patrick (25)- 2016; Tyre King (13)- 2016; Jaron Thomas (36)- 2017; Kareem Ali Nadir Jones (30)- 2017; Columbus Police brutality recorded on video: DeMarko Anderson (26)- 2017; Timothy Davis (31)- 2017

Please bring your ID, you will need to show it to enter city hall. You also will not be permitted to enter with backpacks or signs.

Community demands for Columbus City Council following the killings and beatings of nine known Black Columbus men and children.

1. End the Community Safety Initiative and the use of “Jump Out Boys” (plainclothes police). They consistently do not follow protocol, as outlined in current CPD policy, and should be terminated when they violate it.

2. Reinvest taxpayer dollars used to fund the Community Safety Initiative’s overtime for plainclothes police officers into community-based violence intervention strategies, drug treatment, and employment opportunities, not ineffective, officer-led “community-policing” programs that further criminalize and traumatize people of color and low-income communities.

3. Follow the protocol of other cities who have strengthened community voice and protections in their contract with the Fraternal Order of Police. Require that all Columbus Police officers after inappropriate use of force actions, the unauthorized conduct of enforcement actions in plainclothes, and/or after discharging their firearm immediately be required to:
-Provide their statement on the incident in question
-Provide a mandatory drug test
-Permanently maintain a public record of any complaint or disciplinary action taken against an officer by any entity, effectively removing any option for expungement.

4. Require all Columbus Police officers to be trained in mental health, racial/implicit bias, and de-escalation, effectively rendering all officers as qualified crisis-intervention responders. Columbus is on track to have one of the highest homicide rates in recent history. Since only a fraction of Columbus Police officers are trained Crisis Intervention Team responders, not all citizens are policed equitably. This forces a higher rate of police-involved shootings in one community over another (e.g. Linden over Clintonville).

5. Urge Mayor Andrew Ginther and Public Safety Director Ned Pettus Jr. to terminate Columbus Police Chief Kimberley Jacobs and investigate the systemic abuse of Columbus residents, particularly its residents of color, as CPD continuously violates their own protocol and the rights of Columbus citizens.

6. Enter into a Community Collaborative Agreement- similar to Cincinnati- as the City of Columbus with community residents affected by police violence, the Columbus Police Department, and the Fraternal Order of Police Capital City Lodge No. 9