March for Our Lives -Newport, Oregon

Join us March 24th marching in solidarity with Parkland High School in Florida, Marching For Our Lives.  These amazing high school kids who survived the mass shooting murders on February 14th are taking the high road to Washington DC.  They are an inspiration to behold!  This march has become a national movement.  We want to support all of our kids on Saturday March 24th

So please join us at the Newport City Hall. We will begin to gather at 11:45 am and march at noon.  Our route will cross Hwy 101 at Angle St at the blinking light.  Then we will proceed south on Hwy.101 to the bridge and disband in the area. You can make your own sign and bring it with you to express your opinions and feelings. 

Let's do this for the safety and welfare of our kids and add social awareness and political pressure for our representatives to change the laws, to do the right things to stop these assault weapons killings. 

For love and peace, Cease Fire, NOW, Lincoln County Dems, Indivisible, Power to the People and other action groups.  If you know another organization of activists please let me know and forward this announcement to them.