Communtity Defense is Freedom

There has not been a single Patriot Prayer rally in the Portland area which has not featured the presence and recruitment activities of overt fascists, white supremacists, and neo-nazis. The correlation between Joey Gibson’s rallies and increased incidents of white supremacist harassment, violence, and murder is clear and direct. ( Joey Gibson constantly issues cheap verbal declarations that white supremacists are not welcome at his rallies, but refuses to ever take any action that would prevent them from using his rallies as platforms for organizing violence against our communities.
In the wake of the nazi violence and murder in Charlottesville, many in the United States are realizing that the threat presented by fascist alt-right organizing is very real, extremely deadly, and presently on the rise thanks in no small part to people like Joey Gibson, who (wittingly or unwittingly) has been facilitating such white supremacist fascist organizing in the Pacific Northwest for much of 2017.

Join Rose City Antifa as we stand against Joey Gibson’s latest nazi-magnet rally and demand both accountability for and cessation of the murderous white supremacist organizing he has enabled. #DefendCville #DefendDurham #DefendBoston #DefendBerkeley #DefendPDX