Radical Portland Pride 2018

We will be holding our first annual radical pdx pride in 2018!
Unlike the capitalist version of pride we will not allow corporations that have never done and never will do anything for LBGTQ+ folks
We will not allow fascist police (that were the whole reason the stonewall riots occurred) into our spaces.
On pride weekend in Portland, Oregon, we will take back pride, we will show the capitalists what pride is really about.
Cishet comrades are welcome to join us for our radical pride, just know that transphobia, homophobia, acephobia and any type of discrimination on a marginalized group will not be tolerated.

What to wear, we will be in pink bloc (or queer bloc) so it’s suggested that you wear all black and bring a pink mask, some masks will be provided.
Lots of more info will be released around June.

Because everything at our event will be free please donate to our Gofundme so that we can pay for everything at the event, we will not be making any money at all from your donations
Donate here: https://funds.gofundme.com/mobile/dashboard?url=radical-pdx-pride

Booth info:
Setting up a booth is free for this event!
You will have to email us and let us know the following about your booth before we can approve you: what organization is running your booth, what is the purpose of having a booth at our event, what will be at your booth, is the organization running your booth anti capitalist and what has your organization your representing done for LGBTQ+ rights.
If you plan on having products at your booth that would normally be sold, we will not allow anything to be sold at our event, please embrace anti-capitalism and give your products always for free (it is also recommended that every booth has a donation/tip jar)
Email us at: queerliberationoregon@protonmail.com
Please put the subject as “Radical pride 2018”.