Shut down white supremacy-Solidarity with Charlottesville

Joey Gibson (Patriot Prayer) is a known group in Portland, Patriot Prayer has made many events in the Portland area in the name of “free speech”, we have seen many neo-Nazis and white nationalists attend his rallies including but not limited to:
Allen Pucket, Jake Von Ott, Jeremy Christian, Jeffery Hughes and lots more.
But Gibson had possibly organized his most dangerous event yet, “Portland freedom march- southern edition”, Gibson has invited the same neo-nazis, national socialists and kkk members from Charlottesville to Portland.
We will not tolerate neo-Nazis coming to our city after the terrorist attack in Cville committed by the white nationalist alex fields jr, on September 10th we need EVERYONE who stands against nazism to #defendpdx.

TW, CW: clips of racism, Nazism and murder

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