We the People are better than this!

How can We the People, as citizens of South Carolina, hope to progress into the future with the antiquated idols of barbaric plantation profiteers greeting us at our State House?

Why do We allow a law that gives national attention to a murderous heritage that claimed superiority and abused others because of the color of their skin?

We don’t want this hypocrisy, and depiction of barbarism to shape the public’s perception of our state any longer. WE ARE BETTER THAN THIS. We do not choose to let these idols of ignorance represent us to the world.

Let’s represent ourselves in present day reality. We must put these antiquities where antiquities should go: protected in a museum. They need to be left in our past, as we hope for a future building on what we have learned and will NEVER return to.

We the People demand that the South Carolina legislature repeal the South Carolina Heritage Act of 2000. It is time too allow local communiteies the right to remove these idols of torture, greed & murder so they will not appear to represent them any longer. These monuments drain our spirits and souls. We the People demand better, because We the People ARE better.

Repeal the Heritage Act. Remove the monuments from communities that don’t want them. Let them replace them with something worthy of attention, that will give us all hope and a sense of pride.

We disagree with the opinion of SC House Speaker Lucas that: “debate over this issue will not be expanded or entertained”. He is a public servant that serves all of Us, as does Governor McMaster. This issue needs to be resolved RAPIDLY.

At the Statehouse grounds:
Relocate & replace the statue of Tillman.
Relocate & replace the statue of Sims.
Relocate & replace the statue Hampton.
Relocate & replace the Confederate soldier memorial.

This can be accomplished by a vote of the SC Senate and House. It should be thier first item of business. This must be done now, or you threaten all of us with YOUR inaction.

This Thursday’s event is a family friendly event, with pets allowed on leashes. Signage or behavior that incites violence will not be tolerated. Children of all ages are invited to come out, learn, and work together for the democratic process put in place by We the People, for the Good of All.