Stop the Hate

Once again an anti-Islam speaker is being hosted to speak here in Rapid City. The event is being billed as a celebration of Patriot Day to pray for first responders, government, church, military, families, education, media and business. While Indivisible supports our first responders, our government, millitary, families and everyone’s right to practice their religion of choice we also recognize that this is a very thin veil being used to cover their true purpose.

The speaker will be Kamal Saleem who is identified as a, “rabid islamophobe” by Southern Poverty Law Center. Some of his claims are, “83% of American mosques teach radicalism, ” “Obama is a Muslim”, “in 20 years America will be a country of lost Liberty,” and “radical Muslims are set to pentetrate every level of American society.” There will be a blog post on our website in the next 24 hours that details additional information about this speaker. Sponsors for the event are BigHorn Canyon Church, First Assembly Rapid City, Watchmen on the Wall SD, KSLT 107.1, Breeze 97.9, KLMP 88.3, and National Day of Prayer Black Hills Area.

The purpose of our event is not to interfere with anyone’s ability to utilize their First Amendment rights. Our participants are expected to not interfere with the speaker or attendees. We are there to send the message that our community stands against the spread of misinformation, fear and hate these groups are presenting. We also stand with our Muslim community.

As usual participants may bring their own signs but we will have signs to share as well. Please remember that we want our signs to be family friendly and respectful. Love Trumps Hate!