The Walk of No Shame 2017

It’s time for SlutWalk SLC’s Walk of No Shame 2017! We invite survivors, allies, and anyone who wants to walk with us to help end rape culture and the stigma surrounding survivors of sexual assault. Since 2011 SlutWalks around the world have fought back against sexual harassment, “slut” shaming, sexual assault, and the rape culture that perpetuates them. We firmly believe that no one is ever “asking for it”. We believe that consent is necessary, healthy, and yes, it can be sexy. We believe that fighting back and educating against rape culture can help reduce sexual assaults, and can provide safety and the help survivors need. Join us in marching to empower survivors and change the world!

Our 2017 focus is on Intimate Parter Sexual Assault, as we reach out to educate our community that sexual assaults aren’t just committed by a shadowy figure hiding in a dark alley. Perpetrators can often be a boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, or partner. We will be joined by educators and speakers who can help shed light on these often unspoken crimes.

After that we will take our very literal walk up the hill to the capitol building where we will welcome some very talented and passionate speakers who will share stories of empowerment and survival through art and expression.

(Times are approximate based on walk time)

12:00 – Speakers* will begin at Washington Square (SLC city and county building)

12:45- Walk to Capitol Steps

1:45 – Speakers* at Capitol

Feel free to join us at either location, or walk with us!

Come as you are, t shirts and jeans, in your weekend club attire, or little black dress. This is a NO slut-shaming zone. Please just make sure to follow Utah state laws on nudity. :)

*Speakers TBA