Remembering Gabriel’s Rebellion

Join us on Wednesday evening, Aug. 30, at Richmond’s African Burial Ground to mark the 217th anniversary of Gabriel’s Rebellion. On that day, the hopes of Gabriel, Nan and the thousands of others involved in the planned rebellion were at their highest, the inspiration of the Haitian Revolution was at its height and all seemed possible for Black people in the United States. Remember their courage, their sacrifice and their inspiration for all future generations.

Bring a yellow flower (real, artificial or handmade) to place at the large stones attached to the historic markers on the Burial Ground. Bring red flowers to honor the spirit of resistance.

This is a reflective event – an opportunity to remember and honor those who fought against slavery and Jim Crow and who still fight against white supremacy, racism, fascism and war. Remember those who have stood for love, justice, equality and a future in which we all can thrive. Remember those who stand and speak, who dance and shout for a future full of love, justice, equality, peace and strength at home and abroad. Remember those who have given their lives’ work or their very lives for these ideals. Remember those who had no idea they’d have to. And let us take inspiration from their example as we rededicate ourselves to those same ideals.

A Luta Continua! The Struggle Continues!