No Industry Without US: An LGBTQ Variety Show

No Industry Without US is a variety show featuring performances rooted in anti-oppression frameworks as part of a community education/ entertainment experience. We will showcase LGBTQ artists and also uplift information about LGBTQ worker experiences and their rights and resources for the community.

We are proud to announce the event will be MC’d by the one and only Monisa Brown.

Our featured artists are:
Ms. Jade Dynasty
La Espiritista
Christian Brown
Smitty Buckler

This show is a reminder that LGTBQ workers have a vibrant presence in the workplace and how resilient our community is in the face of oppression.

Tickets are sliding scale from $5 to $20. We strongly suggest getting tickets in advance, as the pricing is $7-20 at the door. There is also an option to sponsor a ticket to make this event fiscally accessible to all! Get tickets now!