Philly for Rohingya

Phily for Rohingya
Fundraising Dinner to Support Rohingya Refugees

Join us for a FREE event to support the refugees of Rohngya. Dinner will be served.

HHRD Emergency Response Team (ERT) members are on the scene assessing and assisting Rohingya Muslim Refugees who have escaped from Burma into Cox Bazar Bangladesh, one of the main locations for make shift shelters. Torrential rains have flooded this area making living conditions very difficult.

With an estimated 700,000 refugees already in the area and 400,000 waiting on the border to cross in, the situation is extremely dire.

IQRA Institute
2550 Eisenhower Ave, Suite B-205
Trooper, PA, 19403

Guest Speaker:
Dr. Altaf Hussain

Ismail Ibrahim: 267 474 5909
Maaz Baqai: 484 369 1508

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