Camp Congress for Girls Austin 2018

Camp Congress for Girls Austin 2018 is a leadership program that introduces girls ages 9 to 15 to politics. Camp begins with a lesson on the structure of our political system. Each girl will choose to run for a seat in the US House of Representatives, the US Senate or for the presidency. She will create her own campaign with a platform, campaign slogan, campaign finance plan, campaign marketing materials and a political ad for television. All campers will register to vote and then vote in an election. Once elected to Congress and sworn in, the newly installed members of Congress will learn how to introduce a bill, debate the merits of the bill, lobby fellow legislators, collaborate with the Executive branch and finally vote on the proposed bill. Camp will culminate with a ceremonial signing of the bill by our Ms. President.

Girl Scouts participating in Camp Congress for Girls will receive a Citizen Legacy badge upon completion of the program. All participants will receive a Certificate of Completion. The camp day runs from 8am to 5pm. The registration fee includes program materials and meals. No refunds will be given for camp registration fees unless the organizer cancels the session. The general camp fee is $160, the Girl Scout registration fee is $130, the military family rate is $130 and the group rate for 5 or more tickets is $130 per ticket. For additional information contact us via email at or 202-660-1457 ext 2.

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