Alhambra’s free speech is under attack

Alhambra City Council members are attacking residents’ free speech.

Councilman Mejia has condemned public expression and this is an attack on free speech. In the mayor’s column of September’s Chamber of Commerce’s “Around Alhambra”, he is critical of residents using social media to express contrasting opinions and criticism of the city council. (

Councilwoman Messina, who has a history ( of attempting to quash criticism, last week ( scolded an active member of the community who has openly criticized the city council.

As if that’s not enough– the city is going after another one of their most vocal critical opponents, a resident of Alhambra that regularly speaks her mind at city council meetings.

Enough is enough!

Come to Alhambra City Hall, 2nd floor, ( and speak during Oral Communications toward the end of the meeting. Fill out a blue card at the front, then turn it in to the secretary in the front when no one is at the podium. You do not have to be a resident of Alhambra to stand up for the first amendment in Alhambra!

In our current national political climate, the citizenry needs to stand up to every and all challenges to our civil rights.