Floyd Abrams: The Soul of the First Amendment

Floyd Abrams, Attorney; Author, The Soul of the First Amendment

What makes America great? According to Floyd Abrams, it’s our exceptional protection of free speech under the First Amendment. From college campuses to cable news, the First Amendment has been at the center of many conflicts on both sides of the political spectrum. First Amendment rights, and the controversy surrounding these seemingly dry issues, have even captured the attention of President Trump on Twitter. The United States is unique in its protection of free speech, even for those we vehemently disagree with—at least for now. Though things have certainly been worse, Abrams warns we should not fall into the complacency and irresponsibility that can threaten the most valuable rights we are entitled to.

Abrams is an attorney and expert on constitutional law as it relates to the First Amendment. Abrams has worked on several notable issues including the Pentagon Papers and Citizens United. He is recognized for his outstanding contributions in his advocacy of free speech and has appeared before the U.S. Supreme Court frequently. In his new book, The Soul of the First Amendment, Abrams examines how unique the United States is: American law protects free speech more often, more intensely and more controversially than anywhere else in the world.

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