Tomorrow: Central Basin GM Trying to Pull A Fast One

Last week, we had a victory! Many Southern California ratepayers were victorious and breathed a sigh of relief when the Central Basin Water Agency board of directors decided to delay voting on the Delta Tunnels until the end of September. The board rightly questioned voting on the multi-billion project without clear data on how it would affect water bills and taxes.

HOWEVER, just four days later, Central Basin announced a vote on a resolution by the board president, Kevin Hunt, expressing support for the tunnels boondoggle at September 8 subcommittee meeting.

The action is legally questionable, and more importantly, is a betrayal of the board’s role in protecting ratepayer interests. Let’s protest and show the GM he can’t get away with this!

WHERE: 6252 Telegraph Rd, Commerce, CA 90040 (free parking)
*meet us outside building prior to meeting*

WHEN: Friday, August 8th, 9:30am


more details:

The powerful Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) is working with Governor Brown to push a multibillion dollar delta tunnels project that will bring no water or benefit to our communities, but will increase YOUR water bill.

One of your local water agencies, the Central Basin Municipal Water District, sits on the board of MWD and will be voting on whether you will get hit with this rate hike so that they could fund this controversial plan.

The Delta Tunnels project, which was proposed by Governor Brown, would involve building massive 35-mile long, 40-foot wide twin tunnels to divert the Sacramento River, 350 miles north of Los Angeles. Water from this project would go primarily to large agribusinesses in the Central Valley, while southern California will get stuck with the bill. This project is estimated to cost around $17 to $67 billion!

Fortunately, Central Basin Water Agency CAN help stop this unfair tax hike by voting no at Metropolitan Water District, and urging their board to oppose the Delta Tunnels.

Instead of throwing money into these tunnels, Central Basin Water Agency needs to: Expand water recycling and provide incentives so ratepayers can have affordable water rates.

Here is what is really behind these tunnels: Big Agriculture interests take 70% of the water from the Delta in average years, and they want to take more.

Sending ratepayer money to finance the tunnels would worsen the affordability crisis in our communities and divert $$ from real water solutions.