Call Out Roskam on His Tax Scam!

The Primary Will Be Over and
It’ll be Time To
Noon on
Wednesday, April 11
in front of the
IRS Office building at
2001 Butterfield Rd. in Downers Grove

Roskam needs to be called out on his phony facts about the tax scam that he pushed through Congress.
Peter has sliced up the “public pizza” tax bill so that his donors
get 7 pieces while the rest of us are left to fight over that
one last piece.

By the time we pay for all of the negative impacts of his Tax Scam,….there’s really no “pizza” left for the average person in the 6th.

Roskam keeps saying that 90% of the people in the 6th District will be better off under his and Trump’s new tax law.
What is actually happening to the people of the 6th is that:
1) 83% of the tax breaks will go to 1% of the population.
2) The federal tax bill for many of us will go up next year.
3) The cost of our healthcare will go up.
4) The value of our homes in the 6th will go down 5-10%.
5) Funds available to our local governments will go down.
So, please show up and let your voice be heard!

Co-sponsored by: Brown Bag Progressives, Citizen Action Illinois, CBIL6, and Action 6th District Illinois.